Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winks Thinks: Backlash

People say they love of all their children the same amount - I think that's a lie. I certainly don't love all of my "Winks Thinks" the same amount, and I wasn't too particularly fond of these weeks. But, it is a weekly column, so I came up with the best effort that I could.

Bear and I like to joke about when things enter a backlash stage. For example, every one loved Dane Cook in college, and then backlash occurred. Every one loved Bill Simmons until the Red Sox won, enter the backlash. Every one loved Favre at one time, now, enormous backlash.

Well, Bear, I think that the Winks Thinks column has finally reached the backlash stage. Give this week's column a read, and then see the attacks on the column in the comments. Some guy even wanted his money back.



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