Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bucks Don't Bow Down to Kings

I've had a love/hate relationship with Michael Redd for as long as he's been a member of the Bucks. At first I thought he was a good option for Ray Allen, then he became an interesting trade chip, then he became an overpaid three point specialist, and then he "won" a gold medal. But on games like Friday night, Michael Redd showed that he can sometimes be what I never thought he could: a leader.

Redd paved with way with 44 points for the Bucks in their 129-122 victory over the Sacramento Kings, helping Milwaukee win at ARCO Arena for the first time in five years. His scoring outburst put the Bucks ahead a comfortable 20 points at halftime. But this in the NBA, and no lead is ever safe, so naturally the Kings would rally and comeback.

While it was Charlie Villanueva's soft defense that allowed the Kings to comeback, he made up for it on the offensive end of the court. CV contributed with 25 points, including many key bucks down the stretch. If you take a closer look at the box score, you will find that he also pulled down 12 boards. Luke Ridnour had a double double as well in this contest.

The win kept the Bucks win, lose, win, lose pattern in tact, making this the 12th straight game the Bucks result has been the opposite of what it was the game before. Does that mean they will lose tonight to the Clippers when they face off tonight at 9:30pm? Probably, but here's hoping otherwise.


Anonymous said...

The Kings really started to pound the paint more in the second half & they wound up getting to the line nearly 50 times overall! Get better fast, Andrew Bogut! Some of the fouls called on Milwaukee were pretty ticky tacky.

Hopefully Bango & Co. will take their aggression out on the lowly Clippers.

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