Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Return of Lost

As much as 24 used to be my favorite show, and as much as I am loving the show this season, my love of Jack Bauer no longer even compares to my love for Jack Shepherd and the rest of the Lost gang. Thankfully, season 5 of the now sci-fi drama is back tonight with a two hour premiere on ABC.

If you're not a Lost person, then clearly you have already stopped reading this post. If you are, you can get your fix early by checking out some of the sneak peek videos currently streaming on YouTube. You can also check out a good speculative preview over at Big Dunc.



Edale said...

Winks, any chance of a live play-by-play of day Brewer games this summer? It appears that my employer recently blocked any website with MLB in the URL. This includes and individual team sites. Keep in mind this comes after they have already blocked ESPN, YouTube and Gmail. Sorry for the random post, just venting I guess. Probably should be happy I even have a job in this economy.

Tony Brown said...

Too much of the Oceanic 6 for my liking. Lost is about the island. But still lots of good stuff

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