Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Lemmy Channel

(Editor's Note: Hey, remember this? Way back when, we had a little arrangement with our friends over at Stock Lemon, one of the finer sites on the web for letting you know which sporting events to wager on. Lemmy has agreed to give us some good insight on what you might like to bet on this week, with a Wisconsin "twist". Too far of a stretch?)

As this blog makes sure to point out, a new season of the hit series 24 is upon us. The return of Jack Bauer pales in comparison, though, to the return of Lemmy!

That's right, The Lemmy Channel has been renewed for another season after copying The Office by airing just six episodes in the first run.

If you're unfamiliar with The Lemmy Channel, it's a weekly posting by Lemmy and the rest of us over at Stock Lemon, invading The Bucky Channel's turf. Since we focus on sports wagering and The Bucky Channel focuses on Wisconsin Sports, The Lemmy Channel is about The World of Sports Wagering from Wisconsin's perspective.

As we did back in April with the Milwaukee Brewers, we'll take a look at some of the betting trends surrounding the Milwaukee Bucks.

The hometown team was an exceptional 22-10-1 against the spread in 2008 as Vegas oddmakers struggled with the fact that the Bucks might actually be good. Since then, the Bucks have gone just 3-3-1 ATS, so there are signs that Vegas is catching up. Still, at 25-13-1, the Bucks are 4th in the NBA against the spread, behind only the Cavaliers, Magic, and... Thunder. Maybe that's how John Hollinger gets his rankings.

With the great ATS record, the Bucks are still a great play ATS, even if Vegas is on to them.

We'd also quickly like to mention that the Over, while just 22-18 on the year, hit five-in-a-row before the Bucks and Wizards went under by 5 points. Something to keep an eye on.

They're called the Bucks for a reason folks, so start cashing in on Milwaukee.

Stay tuned for another episode of The Lemmy Channel coming next week!


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