Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Brewers Going After Trevor Hoffman

When we talk about who the Brewers should sign this off-season, my argument is the same every time: The Brewers need to give the fans a sign of good faith by signing a big name. If they sign Trevor Hoffman, that would be good enough for me. (Wait a second, if Trevor Hoffman is the guy tipping his cap, who is the guy wearing the Hoffman jersey in the picture?)

The discussions between Hoffman and the Brewers have been going on all day Tuesday. First, the story was that the Brewers were showing interest. That interest was then reported as mutual. Now, we're hearing the Brewers and Hoffman have actually discussed the outline of a contract.

The 41 year-old closer is apparently looking for a two-year deal, and I say the Brewers should give it to him (they should also give a two-year deal to Brian Shouse, but that's another topic). Hoffman is the all-time saves leader in the major leagues, and would be a fantastic addition to a Brewers bullpen that is basically empty. We need a closer anyways, why not the all-time saves leader?

Realistically, this is a deal that has a very good chance of happening. The interest is sincere on both sides, according to Melvin, and Hoffman might still think the Crew has a chance to contend. The only obstacle I see in this is the Los Angeles Dodgers, who appear to be the other potential suitor for Hoffman's services. Hoffman lives on the West Coast, and living near home is always a draw to players as they reach the end of their careers.

I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but I could easily see myself buying a Hoffman jersey from the Brewers Pro Shop. Even though that would constantly remind me of the first girl I ever kissed (last name also Hoffman), I think I could get over that.

All-time saves leader! Sign him! Sign him! Sign him!

(In other news, the Brewers have about zero to no interest in Derek Lowe. Oh well.)


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you didn't mention another big factor in the Hoffman sweepstakes: Jonathan Broxton. Hoffman knows that he'd be on a shorter leash if he went to LA because of Broxton. The all time saves leader probably doesn't like the possibility of falling into a setup role. Plus LA offered him a 1 year deal with a club option, so if the Brewers can give him two guaranteed years, it seems they would gain some leverage.

Also, the Brewers' interest in Derek Lowe is dependent on Lowe's interest in the Brewers. Lowe is totally not interested. So when you see an article where Melvin says the Brewers aren't interested in Lowe, it's because of sour grapes. If Lowe called Melvin up & told him he wanted to play in Milwaukee & see the Fonz statue, Melvin's moustache hairs would be standing on end.

Jonk said...

The other Hoffman is Trevor's brother, Glenn, current third base coach of the Padres and former big-league infielder. He was interim manager of the Dodgers at one point in the late 1990s.

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