Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Haslett Interviews WIth McCarthy

With Mike Nolan out of the race and Gregg Williams interviewing with pretty much any team that has an opening, Mike McCarthy may be turning his attention to Jim Haslett to take over the reigns of the Packers defense. Haslett spent the last two days in the metro Green Bay area, interviewing with the Packers on Tuesday after having a nice little dinner on Monday (any available photos, TMZ? This is big news!) From the JS Online Packers Blog:
McCarthy likes Haslett's aggressive style of defense, which includes a heavy amount of blitzing. It probably wouldn't take long for the two men to get on the same page on what kind of defense they want to run.

McCarthy is still waiting to hear from Gregg Williams, the former Jacksonville Jaguars defensive coordinator, who interviewed with the coach last Friday. But Williams remains in a holding pattern, waiting to see if an opening occurs in Tennessee where he was once defensive coordinator.
As was with the case with Nolan, McCarthy does have a history with Jim Haslett. McCarthy was hired by Haslett to be the offensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints in 2000, and the two would go on to work together for a total of five seasons. Haslett is currently interviewing with teams because even though is he a candidate for the Rams' head coaching job (he was the interim coach for much of last year), the Rams may decide to go another direction. Just like how when you are trying to decide which girl to take to the Valentine's day dance, Haslett wants to make sure he has a backup plan in case the hot girl he asked says no.

I'd personally welcome this hire, maybe even more so than I would Nolan or Williams. I like Haslett's approach, and he fits the criteria I have in what I want for our defensive coordinator. I want a guy who is a proven name, and I want a guy who has worked with McCarthy. I'm not sure why, I just think it would be interesting for McCarthy to hire one of the coaches he used to work under.

Either way, the sooner someone is hired, the better.

(Elsewhere, Charles Woodson will not participate in the Pro Bowl, while Greg Jennings's chances to go to Hawai'i are looking better by the day.)


Anonymous said...


Did you just compare the Rams to a hot girl?

Do you have your metaphor beer goggles on?

I would go with Rams as slightly below average looking, mildly psychotic rich chick {two years at the bottom of the NFC West, before that respectability, but Haslett would get paid as a head coach}. Although I would have a difficult time making an suitable analogy for the Packers. Perhaps the hot young lass that let herself go during the winter {13-3 last season, 5-7 this year with a young team} and has the potential but may or may not pull it together in time for spring break.

And yes, I did spend far too long thinking up my new analogy.

That being said, good to know the Packers have a back-up plan if Williams doesn't come in. And Haslett seems like a more than respectable second option. {Moral of your article for me? Always, always, always have a back-up plan. In hiring, women and life. Thank you for imparting your wisdom, sensei.}


Winks said...

I was more or less comparing the title of a head coach to the hot chick, and defensive coordinator as the backup plan.

I do, however, agree with you that you should always have a backup plan in life. Because if you don't, one day you will wake up and you will be serving breakfast in a hotel restaurant.

Todd said...

Would welcome Haslett as the guy if they can't get McDermott.

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