Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pack Should Hire Capers, Immediately

Could the man who loves coaching expansion teams be the next coordinator of a defense that has currently been playing like one? Dom Capers has become the latest target for Mike McCarthy in his search for a defensive coordinator, and even though I said the same thing about Jim Haslett two days ago, I think that the Packers should hire Capers within the next 45 minutes.

Despite what I'm hearing about Haslett and McCarthy not seeing eye to eye on various personnel issues, I think that Capers is the better candidate anyway. According to Greg A. Bedard of the Journal Sentinel, Capers' numbers match up better when compared to Haslett's. Even though Capers has used the 3-4 extensively in his career, he has also served under Bill Belichick in New England and knowns how to mix the 3-4 and 4-3 to maximize a defense's potential.

In all honesty though, I still really don't care who the Packers sign, I just think they need to do it soon. Especially now that the Cowboys have a defensive coordinator position open, they could easily steal one of the Packers' candidates. (Update: Add the Giants to that list.)

But don't expect a move to happen this weekend, or even early next week. Gut feeling still says that McCarthy is waiting to talk to Eagles secondary coach Sean McDermott, so we should all root for Arizona this weekend so that the search can finally be over.

Unless Jon Gruden is interested in coming back to Green Bay...


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