Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Packers Sending Two to Pro Bowl

The next time I argue that the struggles of this Packers' season are the fault of the defense, and not of the quarterback, I won't use the results of the Pro Bowl voting as evidence. The Packers are sending just two players to the Pro Bowl this season, but both will be starting on defense for the NFC.

At cornerback will be Chuck Woodson. At free saftey will be Nick Collins. Both are worthy of their starting nods, and their early season success is ultimately what got them into this game.

Not getting into the game is Aaron Rodgers, who I felt was anywhere from the 3rd to the 5th most deserving quarterback in the NFC. In the end, Kurt Warner will get the starting nod (joined by starters Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin). Backing him up will be Eli Manning and Drew Brees.

Rodgers didn't get in, but another former Packer did. Brett Favre of the New York Jets will be an AFC reserve in this year's exhibition, although I guarantee you he doesn't make the trip. Still, it's exactly the kind of pointless ammunition Favre backers will try to use to prove why Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy and secretly trying to destroy the Packers.

Peyton Manning and Jay Cutler were the other two guys voted in as AFC quarterbacks, and it's clear Favre's nomination was more of a career nod than it was reflective of his season. I can think of a few other guys just as deserving as Favre, if not more so, to have been selected. Phillip Rivers, Matt Cassell, Chad Pennington, Ben Roethlisberger and Kerry Collins, to name a few.

You can find the complete Pro Bowls rosters here, and don't forget to join us for our annual Pro Bowl Live Blog in February! (Or the one tomorrow night, for that matter).


Winks said...

Jennings could have also made a case to go to the Pro Bowl, I should add.

Anonymous said...

rodgers too

Anonymous said...

Jennings, for sure. QB's usually don't go from losing squads there, anon.

Anonymous said...

Dammit, I keep falling into the BC trap. I need to stop. I agree Favre should probably not have gone on a team with as weak as receiving weapons as he has to deal with. I personally don't think that TT and Big Mac are trying to destroy the team intentionally. I just think that TT wants to have his guys on the field which shows a ton of hubris. McCarthy, well he is just clueless. I think they both thought this year was going to be better and it blew up in their faces. They seem to have already lost the defense, although Poppinga is really bad. A.J. Hawk is also a bust, I don't want to hear injuries, that is overstated and an excuse. So what do we do now?

Anonymous said...

Come on, the Jets have a fantastic O-line, a good running game and two good receivers in Coles and Cotchery as well as a good up and coming TE in Keller. Stop down playing the Jets offense.

I would hope a GM would want the players he drafted on the field. It doesn't make sense the other way around. But what you really are hinting to, is that TT forced out Favre because he wanted his draft pick to play. Favre retired, said he lost the drive, he didn't want to be here, the team moved on. End of story. Favre has been doing it for years. Anyone who sees Favre as being forced into retirement wanted to see it that way, pure and simple.

At times MM does seem clueless, I'll give you that. I also agree that they figured things would go better. But they also know that NFL football does not end forever after February of 2009. You cannot play win now football every year.

Good defenses have good D-lines. They allow the Linebackers to play better and obviously make the DB's better as well, not just with QB pressure but on gap assignments on the line for allowing the LB's to fill on run plays. Jenkins getting hurt was a big blow. TT overestimated thinking our line could survive without Corey Williams this year. Jolly and Kampman have been decent to good but the depth just wasn't there after the loss of Jenkins and Harrell being a disappointment. Guys didn't step up. That has alot to do with the play of our run defense specifically.

Brady is probably one of the worse starting outside LB in the game, an upgrade would be nice, but getting quality D-linemen will upgrade any LB core. I like Hawk, but again LB's get exposed without a D-line. Last year Barnett looked good, so did the line. This year the line didn't show up and Barnett had a rough season. Look at the Jets, bringing in Kris Jenkins has been such a great move for them and their defense has improved greatly because of it.

What we do now, is hope that TT spends that cap money and starts hitting on drafting linemen.

rory said...


Good offenses don't post a pathetic 182 yards against San F'nsisco. In addition, the New Jersey Bretts got destroyed by a mediocre Denver team a game prior--at home.

This Jets team is looking awfully pedestrian heading down the stretch, and a lot of it is predicated on how old and average Favre has looked. I don't think the Jets will make the playoffs, but if they do, expect an early exit. Probably an ignominious one.

As for the Packer's defense, the biggest loss has been KGB: his third down pressure and 9.5 sacks are severely missed. The Packers' defense has forced multiple third down situations--many third and longs. The problem is that there is absolutely no pass rush. Simply look at the Jacksonville game where Garrard had all day to throw. Kampman simply gets double teamed, and the DTs don't have the ability to apply pressure; they are run stopping DTs.

This defense needs a complete overhaul in terms of the scheme. This defense has talent, but none of the players fit the Bates' scheme--a scheme that traditionally wears down as the season progresses.

We should all hope that Dallas chokes down the stretch and Jerry Jones shit-cans Phillips. McCarthy and Phillips have some history, and he would be a great addition to the Packer staff. The only reason Dallas is even in the playoff picture right now is because Phillips has taken over the defensive playcalling duties, and that is a job he excels at.

Off-season to do list:
-Fire Sanders, Stock, and Campmen
-Switch to 3-4 defense
-Try to sign Jordan Gross
-Try to sign Carlos Dansby or Channing Crowder
-Try to sign a second tier DE FA
-Draft either OL, DE, and LB depending on FA moves

A quick AND successful turnaround (not a Viking-esque one-and-done playoff appearance) is possible with this talented squad.

Anonymous said...

My comment was really more aimed at stating that this line that "Brett Favre is doing this with a terrible offense" is ridiculous. I understand that especially lately the Jets have been sputtering, but you are right has looked worn out the last few weeks.

I would be on board with all of your suggestions.

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