Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We Lost CC, What Next?

After three days of the Winter Meetings, the Brewers are already out their staff ace. They're likely to lose Ben Sheets in the next couple of days as well, probably also to the Yankees. So where do the Brewers go from here?

One of the biggest decisions now becomes whether the Brewers turn towards starting pitching, or relief pitching. A few of the names the Brewers are looking at include Brian Fuentes and Trevor Hoffman for closers, and Randy Johnson as a starter. However, there may be a problem with any signing, per Danny Knobler:

Two sources familiar with their plans said, general manager Doug Melvin can't shift any of that $100 million into other pursuits. So if the Brewers are to sign even a lower-budget free-agent pitcher, as they'd like to do, they'll have to first move one of their other salaries, possibly someone like shortstop J.J. Hardy or first baseman Prince Fielder.
Other notes via Bernie's Crew:

* Not only did the Yankees get Sabathia, they may also be close to landing Derek Lowe.

* The 2009 starting rotation for the Brewers does not look pretty.

* Could the Brewers be in play for John Smoltz?


Winks said...

I just realized I didn't even write about Putz, even though he got the picture.

Anonymous said...

Looks like NYY are in hot pursuit of AJ Burnett with an offer of 5 yr./$91 mil. For the last 8 years or so I've really disliked the Yanks, but now I'm back to hating them again.

I think the Brewers could go after a FA starter AND closer, but if they could only choose one I'd say they get a starter.

Winks said...

Pretty much everything I wrote in this article went to shit about an hour after I posted it, especially Putz being traded to the Mets.

It's bed time now, but check back tomorrow for more winter meetings bonanza.

Anonymous said...

The Mets just signed KRod & Putz. EXCESSIVE! Man it'd be sweet if their bullpen crumbled next September. YET AGAIN!

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