Monday, December 22, 2008

I Want the Pack to Win Tonight, But...

Just a quick question for all of you Packer fans out there, and it really all comes down to who you hate more. If you knew that a Packers loss to the Bears tonight would guarantee the Bears and NFC North title this season and eliminate the Vikings from playoff contention, would you root for Chicago?

Now, when kick-off comes tonight, make no mistake about it, I will be rooting hard for the Green and Gold per usual. But all I'm saying is that if the Packers loss lead to a Bears win and Vikings loss next week, wouldn't you at least consider the idea of rooting for Chicago?

To some of you, this notion seems absurd, and you may question my fanhood from this day on. I understand that. And while the Bears are the Packers oldest rival, to me, my dislike for them does not even come close to comparing to my hatred of the Vikings.

When it comes down to it, I would rather have the Packers be 5-11 or 6-10 this season with the Vikings missing the playoffs, instead of seeing the Packers win their final two games while the Vikings win the North.

I will be rooting hard for the Packers tonight, and I will be cheering for Rodgers to continue to find success. But I've become quite accustomed to the Packers losing close games while playing well, and it wouldn't bother me as much if it happened on Monday Night.

I love it when the Packers win to keep the Vikings out of the playoffs, maybe we'll see what it's like to see them lose to keep the Vikings home. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet, but as I've said, I would root against Green Bay if it hurt Minnesota.

That's how much I hate the Vikings.


Anonymous said...

I have been pondering this question for a couple of weeks now, and came up with this. I grew up in Milwaukee and hate the Bears as much as I hate the Cubs. Then I went to college an hour away from Minneapolis, where half the students are Vikings fans. Then I found a new hatred in the VIkings. I wish the Lions had a chance to win the division, as I would rather root for them. However when you hate something as much as I hate the Vikings and the Bears, it doesn't matter anymore, I just want the Packers to win and let whoever defaults as the NFC North representative in the playoffs lose in the first round.

Anonymous said...

I don't want anyone to make it. I can't root for the Bears to win, because that puts them closer to it. I just want the Bears/ Vikings to lose the rest of the way out. Who cares if they make the playoffs and get demolished? In fact, I love seeing the Bears and Vikings get destroyed. With the year being how it is, I agree with Ments. It just doesn't matter anymore. Let's just enjoy watching them both lose from here on out.

Unknown said...

Stupid post. Always root for the Pack.

T H E G A M E !

Go watch soccer winks.

Woodson just got a pick...and I just bought his jersey tonite.

Ben said...

I was cheering for the Packers tonight, there was never a question about that... but it's a silver medal to know they didn't help the Vikings win the division.

Anonymous said...


this blows.

We are the best 5-10 team in history.

Anonymous said...

Are you happy now you closet FIB?

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