Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rumors Fly on Day Two of Winter Meetings

Another day of meetings, another day of rumors. As the Winter Meetings continue in Las Vegas, many of the rumors still center around the future of (former?) Brewer CC Sabathia. And with one of the biggest prizes of this offseason already signed, expect more and more coverage about where CC might land.

I've refrained from posting update after update today, because of how quickly the rumors and information can change (read: I was napping all day). But as of 8:42pm Central Time, things are just as confusing at the end of the day as they were in the morning.

The latest from Haudricourt is that while the Brewers have not increased their initial offer to Sabathia - 5 years, $100 million - they also haven't ruled out offering something new. ESPN.com's Peter Gammons adds:

Some players have said the Angels have made it clear to Sabathia that they'll guarantee him six years, but both sides say it is not true. Sabathia has not turned down the Yankees, either. He has offers from the Brewers, Angels and Red Sox, and the Giants have made it clear they will be in the bidding in certain circumstances.
I forget the source, but I remember hearing that it was unlikely Sabathia would sign anywhere before the end of the weekend. I still think he ends up a Dodger, I have all long, even though they technically aren't in the bidding, yet. My second guess would be the Giants. The Brewers would be third. The longer that Sabathia goes without signing, the better the chance I think the Brewers have.

Just like yesterday, I want to send you to Bernie's Crew regarding more rumors when it comes to Milwaukee.

* There were rumors the Brewers were interested in Orioles catcher Ramon Hernandez, but he has been traded to the Reds for Ryan Freel.

* Ben Sheets may be offered a two year deal for $26 million by the Yankees.

* Kerry Wood will likely sign with Cleveland.

* The Mike Lamb signing is official. He has been signed for something close to the league minimum.

* The Brewers appear to have strong interest in Mariners reliever J.J. Putz. Two J.J.'s on one team? Corey Hart and Manny Parra are listed as possible trade targets.

* The Brewers may not be interesting in bring back Gabe Kapler.

Lots of interesting stuff, but nothing major yet on the Brewers end. Expect that to change in the coming days.


Anonymous said...

Hart for Putz would be a good trade. Hart looked so terrible at the end of last season, he's a big reason we didn't advance. But so is the rest of our offense who didn't want to show up in the postseason.

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