Monday, December 15, 2008

$4,460,186 For What Exactly?

Surely this whole T.O. vs ESPN thing is getting a bit out of hand, even though him calling out Ed Werder on NBC Sunday Night Football was quite humorous. According to The Big Lead, Owens' new found hatred for ESPN didn't end there, as he then attacked the Leader's Matt Mosley after the game:

“I was talking to a player out in the tunnel when I saw T.O. and his entourage approaching ESPN’s Matt Mosley. I recognized Damon Jones (Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers) from T.O’s group. As T.O. walked by, he started hunching his shoulders like he was trying to intimidate Mosley calling him a “chump.” Mosley seemed unsure of what to do and said something, and right then someone shouted, “Stop it!” Everyone turned to see who it was, but it was just a random fan in a Romo jersey who took a picture of Owens. Then Owens and Jones walked away.”

Hold on a second, Damon Jones? The same Damon Jones that is on the Milwaukee Bucks payroll right now for $4,460,186? Are you telling me nearly $5 million is being drained from beloved Senator Herb Kohl so that Damon Jones can be a part of T.O.'s entourage? I'm not really sure where the two players would have crossed paths to form this actually believable friendship, but I would love to know the details on that story.

Can't we trade this guy, already?


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