Sunday, December 21, 2008

Brewers Close to Signing Looper, Sources Say

There are only three things I know about Braden Looper. One, he apparently has some sort of relationship with Lou Pinella. Two, he's very in touch with his faith. And three, his middle name is LaVern. There may be a fourth piece of information I'll know about him, which could be that he is a member of the Milwaukee Brewers.

According to the Boston Globe, Looper is close to signing with Milwaukee after not being offered arbitration by the St. Louis Cardinals. Looper has been a Dave Bush-like starter for the Cards the last two years, but has spent the majority of his career as a reliever. He'd likely be a cheap back of the rotation starter for the Crew, another low-risk signing that doesn't impress me too much.

(Update: Melvin has confirmed the Brewers are interested in Looper, but does not say that a deal is imminent.)

The Brewers don't really have many other pitching options on the free agent market, unless they change course and go after Derek Lowe (they should). Bernie's Crew put together a list of some of the free agents yet available.

In other current Brewer and former Brewer news, Ryan Braun will be playing in the World Baseball Classic, while Derrick Turnbow could soon be a Marlin.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sold on Looper. He's another Jeff Suppan.

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