Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Someone Is Actually Interested in Our Assistant Coaches

I don't know if it's a good thing or not, but to me it always seems like no Packer assistants ever fall on the "hot-list" of assistant coaches that could land their first head coaching job. At least not since the days of Sherm Lewis. This year however, I see your Steve Spagnuolo and raise you Winston Moss, who is reportedly being courted by the St. Louis Rams.

Moss is currently not only the Packers linebackers coach, but he's also the assistant head coach. Tom Silverstein of the Journal Sentinel explains that Mike McCarthy promoted him to this position two years ago in an effort to help prepare him to one day become a head coach. Silverstein also shares this little nugget:

The Rams' interest could have some effect on McCarthy's decision whether to keep defensive coordinator Bob Sanders. Though Moss is not a shoo-in to replace Rams interim coach Jim Haslett, St. Louis’ interest could signal to McCarthy that it’s time to promote Moss and make him his defensive coordinator.
After a 6-10, somebody usually needs to be the scapegoat, and Bob Sanders is as likely of a candidate as anybody. I'd love to see Moss fill the defensive coordinator position, but would be happy for him if he did get the Rams job. However, I'm not sure how likely that is.

I haven't heard any other candidates pop up for the Rams job yet, and I'm not sure how keen they are on keeping Jim Haslett. I'm just worried for Moss that he is only being targeted because of the "Rooney Rule", where teams are required to interview at least one minority candidate. The rule has good intentions, trying to make sure that minorities get the opportunities they deserve, but the rule can also be a giant dick-tease for a candidate as well.

Here's to hoping the Rams interest in Moss is sincere, and here's to hoping McCarthy can find a way to keep him.


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