Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mrs. Donovan, Your Son Is Moving Home!

When we last checked in on Tyler Donovan, we found the former Badgers quarterback had settled in Edmonton, up der nort in Canada. Back in April, he signed a three year deal with the Edminton Eskimos of the CFL, and things were looking up for him.

It appears that really didn't work out, and Tyler is heading a little closer to room. Donovan has signed a deal with the Milwaukee Iron of arenafootball2 (yes, one word). The Iron begin play in March, at the wonderful piece of architecture known as the Bradley Center.

I'd wrote more about this move and the outlook for the Iron, but I'm respectfully declining. I aggressively pursued them during the summer in hopes of landing a job with their organization, and was never given the time of day. So, I'm choosing not to write about them in my blog.

Although I have the feeling this form of retaliation will be about as effective as the retaliation of those fans that wear Jet Favre jerseys to Lambeau.


Anonymous said...

I admire and support your continued grudge against the Iron. Fight the good fight.

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