Saturday, December 13, 2008

NFLN vs. ESPN 10

After a six month hiatus, it's the long anticipated return of NFLN vs. ESPN. Some of you might not even know that we do this, but every now and then I turn on the NFL Network as well as ESPN to see which channel I would rather be watching. So why am I bringing it back now? Well, I have the NFL Network again, and I've missed showing off the cool logo I made.

If this still doesn't make sense, go ahead and check out the past matchups between the networks.

NFL Network - I caught two different programs at the bottom of the hour, the first one being "Live Wire". Not the Mountain Dew product, but a show that features sounds from on and off the field. I just caught a segment comparing this year's Lions team to that 0-14 Bucs expansion team. Hilarious, until the Lions beat the Packers in three weeks. Now showing is "NFL's Greatest Games", this one featuring the Tuck Rule game featuring the Raiders and Patriots.

ESPN - Tennesse vs. Temple in Men's Basketball action. I still can't take Tennessee seriously as a men's basketball program, because of how synonymous that school is with women's hoops. So it's no surprise I'm going with the NFLN today.



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