Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lakers Drown Bucks

A model of inconsistency. Really the best way you can sum up these Bucks right now. It's really hard to be extremely disappointed with the Bucks(9-13), considering how awful things were last year. It seemed as if the problems last year were extremely deep-rooted. Laziness, no desire for defense, internal character clashes, and a coach with no direction or philosophy. This years team seems to have surface problems. It's been injuries, foul trouble, and poor shooting, all of which seem to stem from the fact a lot of fresh faces are learning to play together. This instills me with the thought that there is hope for this team. Plus there has been defensive improvements, the Bucks have been one of the tops in the NBA in offensive rebounding and have plenty of leadership, scorers and young players oozing with talent.

That being said, the Bucks looked horrible tonight, as they lost to the Lakers(17-2) in LA 105-92. That score does not do the Bucks justice. I'm not sure if that is the proper way to word it but the Lakers dominated the Bucks thoroughly all game up until 6 minutes or so left in the 4th quarter.

The game started off with horrendous shooting from both teams. Eventually the Lakers got hot, the Bucks.....wellllll not so much. In fact much of the 2nd half the Lakers led by 20 to 25 points. Milwaukee could have been thrown off their game some by the early foul trouble by Richard Jefferson which only allowed him to see the court for about 9 minutes. Malik Allen, who has been playing solidly as a starter, was hurt about 3 minutes into the game and did not return with a rib injury.

No Bucks starter scored over 7 points. Joe Alexander was the leading scorer tonight for the Bucks dropping 15 in mostly garbage time. Luc Richard Mbah A Moute also was solid in 31+ minutes scoring 14 and nabbing 6 rebounds and 4 steals. Sessions, Lue, and Villanueva all scored in double figures. Check the Box Score if you are into it. In case you were curious but too lazy to look at said box score, Kobe Bryant had 20 points in 30 minutes, though Derek Fisher, Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol seemed like bigger Buck killers tonight.

The Bucks continue their west coast road trip against Phoenix(12-9) Tuesday night at 8 pm on FSN.

TBC's Buck of the Game: Luc Richard Mbah A Moute - 14, 6 and 4 steals. It was a rough night and he was one of the few bright spots.

(AP Photo by Kevork Djansezian)


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alexander career high!

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