Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winks Thinks: The Snow Day Edition

There's a new Winks Thinks posted today, and it's already received some pretty harsh criticism. I may have ripped on a beloved Christmas movie that is adored by many, minus me. The Bucky Channel's updates may be few and far between this weekend, so let the latest edition of Winks Thinks hold you over.


Jonk said...

I think New Year's glasses are still do-able a year from now. 2010 could work, right? Two 0's. But 2011 is gonna be tough.

Anonymous said...

haha, another classic winks. I loved the Poto comment, and have to 100% agree on a Christmas story. I mean seriously, make it an event, play it once christmas eve night and once on christmas, but this 24 hours crap just sucks. Not only that I've seen that it has been shown a few times already. Drunk sledding tomorrow night?

Anonymous said...

24 hours of Christmas Vacation is what should be on TBS.

Anonymous said...

came here to post what jonk said.

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