Sunday, December 28, 2008

An Absolute Embarrassment

The Champs Sports Bowl wasn't really going to end any other way than a 42-13 loss for the Badgers, and we all knew that. The Badgers haven't played since early November (a Big Ten conference flaw) and Florida State was far too superior. The Badgers played this bowl game like they played every other game this season, under-confident and poorly.

I sincerely hope nobody thought the Badgers were going to win this weekend, and I really hope none of you lost money on it. This was a game that many fans treated as ambient background noise rather than something they threw a party for. As a whole, Badgers fans seemed just as about uninterested as the team did.

Some bright spots: Elijah Theus scored the first touchdown of his career in the 4th quarter, P.J. Hill ran for 140 yards and will almost certainly become UW's all-time leading rusher next season (correction: 2nd all-time leader rusher, talk about "an absolute embarrassment!"), and Florida State looked like their old self according to Bobby Bowden. Maybe that last one wasn't a bright spot for Badgers fans, but the Seminoles are probably going to be a quality team next season.

The Bucky Channel would also like to recognize Florida State's Graham Gano. We're all about punters and kickers here at The BC, and we applaud Gano's three punts inside the five yard line as well as his six extra points that earned him the game's MVP honors.

Yes, it was that kind of Badgers season where the punter of the opposing team gets the MVP in their bowl game.


Anonymous said...

P.J. Hill as the all time leading rusher? What you been smoking? Hopefully you were on something when you wrote this article. Stick to soccer.

Anonymous said...

Again, totally mum on the pathetic ability to coach by Barry's "rising star" coach Brett Beliema. I'd love to see that guy gone, but I guess Wisky will see another dismal season or two before people start asking hard questions...

Winks said...

Just to let you know, my lack of Bielema attacking isn't something I have an agenda for, it's just that I figure his incompetence is assumed and doesn't need to be discussed.

I'm a believer thought that a college football coach should get four to five years to prove himself, which allows time to see how his recruiting classes do.

Another disappointing season next year would likely mark the end of his tenure with the Badge.

Mark said...

I'm exposing my ignorance here because I live outside of Wisconsin and don't regularly read or hear about Badger football, but I'm curious: What's the consensus on Bielema right now?

From what Winks just wrote, it sounds like he's as good as dead to Badgers fans unless he can pull a remarkable turnaround. I guess I had thought he had a little more goodwill built up from his amazing start in 2006. I guess it's just seen now as a fluke with Barry's players.

As a Nebraskan, I can't help but compare the whole situation to the Frank Solich tenure from 98-03. Both were the hand-picked replacement of an impossible act to follow, and with all the advantages and disadvantages of coaching in that situation, it's pretty tough to find out how good (or bad) of a coach they actually are. (In fact, Solich's competence as a coach is still the most-debated topic in Husker fandom, five years after he left the state.) Let's just hope that if Bielema gets fired, the next guy is far, far better than Bill Callahan.

Anonymous said...

Heck, let's hope if Bielema gets fired, the next guy is not Bill Callahan.

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