Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ryan Braun Has Nine Lives

I'm not sure how many of you watched the Brewers game on TV last night, but if you did, you were probably just as nervous as I was about a play Ryan Braun was involved in during the first inning of the Crew's game against the Padres. The left-fielder, who was not credited with an error all of last season, lost a liner in the lights and misplayed the ball. If it was just a regular error, that would have been fine, but instead of just dropping the ball Braun let it smash into his right hand.

The worst part about all this was Braun's face after it happened. At first, he laughed it off, but then he began to look at his hand more closely, and you could see "How long am I out for now?" roll across his mind. He would later reveal he thought his thumb was definitely broken. Turns out though, the X-rays were negative, and Braun lives through another situation that could have been much worse. First the intercostal muscle strain during the WBC, then this. A serious injury to Ryan Braun would seriously dampen the Brewers chances at the playoff this season, so a sigh of relief was heard all around.

Braun will likely miss the rest of Spring Training, more so because he's about as warmed up as he needs to be. Without a doubt, he'll be ready for Opening Day.

In other news, how great was it to watch the Brewers on TV last night? Man, it's good to have them back. The only thing I'll really say about the broadcast is that no matter how good Telly Hughes may turn out to be, you can't replace a legend (unless your name is Aaron Rodgers and said legend is a prick, then you can).

As for the rest of the game, the Crew lost 6-5, which snapped their six game losing streak. The gazelle-like Prince Fielder gets our player of the game honors, while the box score tells a thousand words.

The Brewers play the D'Backs today, as Dave Bush takes the hill for the final time this Spring. The game is on WMLW if you live in the Milwaukee area, so enjoy. First pitch at 3:05pm, per usual.


??????? said...

If Braun lost it in the lights then how could he "let it" smack his hand as you said? You make it sound like he chose for it to hit his hand.

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