Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thanks, Mike

There we were. Hundreds of thousands of Brewers fans, looking off the cliff into a bottomless pit. But then a gentle voice whispered to us, "Step back, it's going to be alright." We know not of the face, but the voice is very familiar, so we heed his advice. For the voice was Brewers outfielder Mike Cameron, and he may have just saved this Brewers season.

Ha. Is there anyone going to extremes quicker than me right now? This morning I was writing about how this season is over, and now I'm saying it's saved just because the Brewers won a game? It's the fun-loving radical changes like this you've come to expect at The Bucky, so why should tonight be any different. Either way, the Brewers won 9-3, and that makes me feel better than I did this morning.

As you can tell, Mike Cameron is going to be our Brewers Player of the Game tonight. Sweet Mikey C (yes? no?) hit two home runs and a double, providing three RBI in the Brewers effort against the Reds on Wednesday night. Other good news from the game:

* Braun, Fielder, Hall, and Kendall also each hit a double.
* Yes, that Jason Kendall. His batting average is now .120!
* Looper got his first win of the year. A quality start for him, 6 IP, 3 ER, 5 K.
* DeFelice, Stetter, and Coffey each had an inning of scoreless work.
* The Bucks season is over (Bucks Survivor starts tomorrow night!), so no more Bucks games on FSN Wisconsin instead of the Crew.

As for some negatives, J.J. Hardy had to be pulled from the starting lineup because of mid-back stiffness. Also, Nelson and McGehee each did nothing in their pinch hitting opportunities, continuing a cold streak from our bench.

In the end though, it was a good win to wrap up the homestand. The Crew has the day off on Thursday, then head to Philadelphia, New York, and Houston for a three city roadtrip. Maybe we can go 6-3 on it and get back to .500, but I'm just hoping for a winning record while they're away.

Until then, stay tuned for the new Winks Thinks on Thursday, which will focus on the rivalry between the Brewers and the Cubs.

And back away from that ledge.


Gweedo said...

I know your sick winks but looper didnt have 5ER. The score was 9-3 but i let it slide this time. This just shows how busy i am at work today.

Winks said...

Thanks for the catch buddy.

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