Saturday, April 25, 2009

Packers Pick Raji

Even though the Journal Sentinel got everyone in a tizzy this morning by talking about how Ted Thompson really wanted Michael Crabtree, our G.M. ended up doing the right thing and drafted B.J. Raji, the defensive tackle out of Boston College. Raji is the absolute guy I wanted here after I fell in love with him during the NFL Combine. Had we drafted Crabtree, I would have made the argument that it's a smart pick if you're thinking about the long-term production of the offensive, but the Raji pick was the absolute correct choice here.

Raji is a beast, and is the perfect guy to play the tackle position in Dom Capers' new 3-4 defensive scheme. With a healthy Harrell as well as Cullen Jenkins on the outsides, I'm very pleased with how our defensive line is shaping up. Very pleased. Very, very pleased. 

Through the power of video, let's get to know B.J. Raji a little bit better, starting with the play that put him on the map.

Well done, Ted. Well done.

(By the way, I'm just now aware that the JS Online Blog has the same video posted in the same fashion, but there was no copying either way. We both must just be very good at typing "B.J. Raji" into YouTube, and then copying and embeding video on our sites.)


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