Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Long Ball Giants Beat Small Ball Brewers

I thoroughly believe that the reason I had an awful headache last night as well as my getting sick (full disclosure here at The Bucky) was due to the fact that the Brewers lost on Opening Day for the first time in five years. For six months, you pump yourself up for this day, and it's so painful to see it end in failure. Especially when that failure could have been averted. You know, as in if the Brewers would have started anyone other than Jeff Suppan.

I understand Macha's reasoning of wanting a veteran out there, I do. But why start a guy who is a guaranteed 5 IP, 5 ER line when you're going up against last year's NL Cy Young winner? Amazingly, the Brewers were able to chase said winner Tim Lincecum out after three innings, but it didn't prove to be enough. I know I'm a little hard on Suppan on this site but in a game where the Brewers score six runs, none of which come from the long ball, you have to blame the pitching.

The most incredible thing about the Brewers 10-6 loss to the Giants had to be the fact that the Giants scored six runs. This is a team that is widely recognized as the worst offensive team in baseball, and to see them put up a ten spot against us isn't comforting. Of course, McClung, Bush, and Julio all gave up runs as well, so the bullpen deserves some blame too. Anytime you allow the Giants to hit three home runs off your staff, you need to do some evaluating of your life, is the main point I'm trying to establish here (weak Family Guy reference).

Offensively, you have to say it was a good day, despite the fact we saw weak September-type strikeouts from both Corey Hart and Bill Hall (a September strikeout will be the term I use when referring to a half-hearted swing on strike three, when the pitch is usually low and away, something Corey Hart became famous for last season).

Some of the key performers though were Mike Cameron, who had one hit, four walks, and zero strikeouts. Rickie Weeks had a nice 2-3 performance with a walk from the leadoff spot. Jeff Suppan had an RBI double, which was nice. And unfortunately, J.J. Hardy and Jason Kendall were each 0-5 from the plate. Weeks could get the Player of the Game award, because I liked his ability to get on base yesterday. He also had a stolen base, along with one from Braun and two from Cameron. Actually, I'm going to give Cameron the Player of the Game honors. Well deserved.

Brewers will take on the Giants again tonight at 9:15pm. Feel free to come on over and have some beers. 


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