Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sabathia Got Pwned

Chances are this pitch thrown by CC Sabathia either went for a hit, was a ball four, or was a wild pitch. What we certainly know is that this pitch wasn't strike three, as Sabathia didn't throw a strikeout in a game for the first time since 2005. No matter what the result of this pitch was, it probably wasn't good, as Sabathia's line was 4.1 IP, 8 H, 6 ER, 5 BB and a 12.46 ERA in a 10-5 loss to the Orioles. Not what you expect out of a pitcher you just shelled $161 million too. 

I write about this for two reasons. One, is because this performance really killed one of my fantasy teams today, which of course is a big deal for everyone. But two, because I will always be fond of CC, no matter where he pitches. This is the guy that completely changed our baseball lives for one summer, and delivered into the playoffs for the first time in 26 years. He gave us his all every time he stepped on the mound, and for that I will always be a Sabathia fan. Even if he did take the money and run (don't really blame him though).

If you watched SportsCenter last night (or FSN Final Score, which I think is still on), then no doubt you heard comments about how the Yankees free spending this off-season bought them little on Opening Day. About how maybe the huge contract for CC wasn't worth it. Well, as Brewers fans, we know that contract was worth every penny. This guy has amazing stuff, and will deliver. But we also know, and what Yankee fans are learning, is that he's a slow starter.

I gave serious thought to benching Sabathia in my league this week, even though he was a first-round pick (pick 13 in this league) on the basis that I knew he sucks in April. He may be a Cy Young winner, but he's no better than a back of the rotation guy in the season's first month. Before he game to Milwaukee last year, he had an awful April in Cleveland, with an ERA that I believe was above seven. Even when he came to the Brewers, his first start was a little rocky. For as cool as he was the rest of the way, there was no calming him down in the first game. The guy just takes a while to get going.

It was good to see him pitch again, although interesting to see him in the Yankees uniform. Preferably, I'd rather be watching him take the mound later today, but $161 million is $161 million. Especially in this economy!


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