Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Being Fat: A Lifetime Membership

There's a blog out there that's called Fat White Guy, which not only focuses on the life of playing football in Europe, but also the life of being, well, a fat white guy. Turns out the blog's author wants to lose some weight, but is being criticized for his decision. I say go for it.

That's where my friend Pat at Walk On Boy comes in (you've seen this blog before, it's good). Pat wrote a guest article on the site to quiet the naysayers out there, as well as to offer some insight on what it is really like to be a fat kid growing up. I'm linking the article for your enjoyment (and to make it appear like I have more content), but as far as can tell from it, maybe being fat isn't so bad.

Thanks for the heads up, Fatty Paddy.


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