Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Worth A Thousand Words

Saw this picture on a post over at Chuckie Hacks, and to me there is nothing more fitting to describe the Brewers start. The forecast at this point is definitely not looking good. We're 2-5, which means there are still 155 games left to this season, but it does already feel like the sky is falling, doesn't it?

Even though it took them 26 years between playoff appearances, we now think of the Brewers as winners because of what happened last season. We don't just want them to play better, we expect it of them. That's why this 2-5 start is really difficult to take right now. 

I agree with Bear, we have to wait a couple of weeks before we head into Chicken Little mode. But while some of our problems will be fixed in due time (Braun struggling, Gallardo's performance last night), I seriously think other problems need to be nipped in the butt immediately (give Rivera 2-3 days a week instead of just Bush's starts, make Suppan retire). But the very fact that I am already starting to slip into panic mode after one week of baseball makes me sick to my stomach, because that would make me no better than a Cubs fan.

I still think that the Brewers will find their way and end up competing for either the Central or the Wild Card at the end of the season, but that doesn't mean I'm not already worried that these games we lost this week due to our own faults are going to be the one or two games that separate us from the playoffs.


Jonk said...

I felt this before the season, and voted in your poll accordingly....the pitching is so atrocious that the Brewers will be lucky to finish at .500 this year. That said, it's way too early to be panicking. As you state, there's 155 games left. Plenty of teams, year after year, stumble out of the gate but turn things around.

Winks said...

I hear you man, and I don't want to be one of those fans. But I think it's the way we are losing (the walks, especially) that is making this year tough to stomach so far.

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