Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's Going to Be Like This All Season

Baseball is a funny game. One day, you're watching your favorite team use small-ball to beat their arch-rival on a play at the plate, the next day, said arch-rival comes back and rocks your interim closer with the long ball. One day, euphoria and promise, the next day, heartbreak and anger.

Two games already between the Brewers and the Cubs, two games that ended in dramatic fashion. On Friday night, it was the Brewers on the winning end of things when Rickie Weeks beat the throw at home to give the Crew a 4-3 win. On Saturday night, Alfonso Soriano hit a 2 run shot in the top of the 9th to give the Cubs a 6-5 victory. 

Get used to this.

No matter where these teams end up in the standings, the games they play are going to be close like this all year. Both teams are better than they've been in years, and the competitive level between them has only increased because of this. Get ready for plenty of games of sticking it to the Cubs are there horribly rude fanbase, but also get ready for those same fans to be cocking off to you after they beat the Brewers in heart-wrenching ways. It's going to be fun, but it's also going to suck.

Friday's honors go to Rickie Weeks, here's the box. Saturday's honors go to Prince Fielder, the box for that as well.

I was in attendance for the Saturday contest, and I have plenty more to say about this rivalry and how much I really hate Cubs fans, but we're saving that for this week's Winks Thinks. Hopefully I'm in a positive attitude, but that will be determined by the outcome of tonight's rubber match on ESPN, as the Brewers will be on Sunday Night Baseball for the first time since 1997.

Also, Happy Easter.


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