Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bucks Survivor: Round Five

Results: Man oh man, there really are some anti-Mikey Redd folks out there. While I still think the Bucks would be a much better team after he finally leaves, I don't know if this is the time of the game for him to go. But it really didn't matter, because as much as people hate Michael Redd, people seem to hate Luke Ridnour a hell of a lot more. The tally:

Luke Ridnour - 16 votes (38 percent)
Francisco Elson - 11
Michael Redd - 8
Keith Bogans - 6
Richard Jefferson - 1

Team Storey, the veterans, is dwindling in numbers by the week. Even though Redd and Jefferson are two of Milwaukee's centerpieces, the old balls do make up for a lot of the dead weight on the Bucks bench. Perhaps they can rebound this week, otherwise they are headed to the tribal council for the fourth time in five tries.

This Week: The challenge is simple, minutes per game. We've already done games played, but now let's see how valuable these guys when they are actually healthy enough to play.

Team Awvee: Villanueva (26.9), Sessions (27.5), Bogut (31.2), Mbah a Moute (25.8), Alexander (12.4), Bell (25.5)

Team Storey: Redd (36.5), Jefferson (35.8), Elson (16.6), Bogans (16.7)

Results: It is just not the veteran's year. I tried to find a challenge that might work in their favor, but they are just so bad that they found a way to lose again (kind of like the real-life Bucks team). It was another close match, but Team Awvee averages 24.9 minutes per game while Team Storey only hits 23.48 minutes per game. And unfortunately for many of you, Michael Redd wins immunity for the week, as he had the most minutes per game. 

Voting: You can vote at the top right of the blog, just like always.

Teaser: Think this is fun so far? Well, there's a lot more in store. In the coming weeks, immunity will be abolished, the teams will be combined, and one of the Bucks voted off will have a chance to be voted back in. Also, the dreaded double elimination round is just around the corner. NBA - Where Bucks Survivor Happens.

Programming Note: This is going to be the last post here on The Bucky Channel until Sunday night, as we take an extended weekend. I'll be at the Brewers game on Thursday night, followed by a reunion weekend in La Crosse, if you care. If you're wondering, "Well what about Bear?", you have to remember that he never really posts anymore. That, and he'll be at a bachelor party. But when we come back on Sunday night, we'll have a complete wrap-up of the Brewers/Diamondbacks series, as well as much more. But keep coming back to The Bucky Channel throughout the weekend to keep taps on the latest round of Bucks Survivor (desperate plea to get hits when I'm not doing any work). 

As always, thanks for your readership.


Bear said...

God, you have to lead the league in taking pot-shots at me on this blog. I think I've been called out more times than anyone save Favre.

Anonymous said...

hey way to save redd and not put his name up there to be voted on.

Frank said...

Elson is crud, but Malik Allen is epically bad.

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