Sunday, May 3, 2009

Uecker's Getting Crazier by the Day

Before I reboot into blog mode after an exciting weekend back in La Crosse, I wanted to pass along this audio clip of Bob Uecker during Wednesday night's Brewers game. In the clip, Uecker tries to figure out what Twitter is, plays around with his new Pocket Doppler, and talks about what he likes to eat for breakfast. Thanks to Right Field Bleachers for putting this together, and to Awful Announcing for throwing it on YouTube.

The fact that Kent's phone goes off at the end is perfect too, because it just adds to the disarray the broadcast booth seemed to be in at that moment. Good stuff, as always, from Uecker. 

Miller Lite for breakfast!


Unknown said...

sounds like harry doyle - gets the shakes until he gets his first hit and miller lite in the morning. i love ueck

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