Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bucks Get the Ten Pick

Well that was no fun. Hoping to have the same kind of good fortune that the Bulls did last year when they shot up the board to acquire the number one pick, the Bucks instead were slotted in the position they were expected to be in, and will have the 10th pick in the 2009 NBA Draft this summer. John Hammond was the Bucks representative in New York this time around, and some may speculate that maybe if Hammond shook a little more, or appeared Larry Harris nervous, the Bucks would have had a better chance at a higher pick.

With the ten pick, the Bucks have no shot at getting the guy I wanted, Spain's Ricky Rubio. I only like the kid because of how well Spain did in the Olympics last year, and think that we should get as many of those guys as possible. There's a reason I overvalued Rudy Fernandez is my fantasy draft last year, I just love these kids from Spain.'s Chad Ford currently has the Bucks picking Jrue Holliday, an 18-year old point guard from UCLA. Pittsburgh's PF DeJuan Blair is another possibility, but they could just as easily trade out of the position. Either way, here's hoping they pick a guy that can actually be productive next season, and not another Mandarin speaking project.

As for the rest of the draft, Blake Griffin is heading to Los Angeles to become a Clipper. Can't wait to see how the Clips screw that up.


rory said...

If the Bucks are smart (i.e., if Hammond is smart), they would trade up to number two or three and snag Rubio.

The Clippers already announced they will take Griffin, as they should. Memphis, then, will most likely take Thabeet, as they suck in the middle and they probably still have illusions about Conley panning out at the point guard position. Rubio is easily the second best prospect in this draft, but he probably won't land in Oklahoma City either, as the Thunder already have Westbrooke penciled in at the point guard.

The Kings would take Rubio, but I just don't think he should fall that far. Thus, I predict someone will trade up to number two or three and snag him.

Why not the Bucks?

I'm a major fan of this kid. His basketball IQ is scary, and once he grows into his frame, he is going to be dominant: he is amazingly defensively, has great vision, and has long Rondo-esque arms. I truly believe he will be a better point guard than Derron Williams and Chris Paul.

And the Bucks need a point guard. Badly.

I'd give up next year's first to move up and get him. I'd even throw in a player if necessary.

Rubio = awesome.

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