Monday, May 25, 2009

Some Good Holiday Packers Reading

You all remember the site Walk On Boy, a blog written by former Neenah Rocket / Minnesota Golden Gopher and current football player somewhere in Scandinavia. I'm linking to him today sort of because he wrote a good article, but mainly because I wanted to show you how awesome his new logo is. That's just some good stuff. It's not better than our Bucks Survivor logo in our opinion, but it's in the same league for sure. But I digress. 

Walk On Boy's latest piece takes a closer look at the Packers switch to the 3-4 defensive scheme this season, and he's not entirely sure how good of an idea is it. Read it first because you disagree with him, and remember that Walk On Boy has actually played the game of football and lined up in a defensive scheme, rather than being some hack who hasn't played since 6th grade flag football but still thinks his opinions are valid (me). Enjoy, and Happy Memorial Day.


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