Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bogut Claims Second Bucks Survivor Crown

It was the finals matchup we've been waiting for all along, and it certainly didn't disappoint. Luc Richard Mbah a Moute put up quite the fight, but in the end Andrew Bogut was able to defend his crown to win his 2nd Bucks Survivor title.

This was a race that was back and forth the entire time, but Bogut's 30 votes were enough to edge Mbah a Moute's 28. I know for a fact that there was some intense campaigning on both sides, and I'm already looking forward to a rematch between the two next season.

However, let's not forget about what Bucks Survivor says about our beloved Bucks. The two finalists, in a contest to determine which Buck is most valuable to this team, were a guy who didn't even play half of the season against a rookie who was on a team so notoriously bad for defense that he ended up looking like a genuine rookie of the year candidate. As I said after last year's competition, Hammond has a lot of work to do this offseason. Best of luck. 

Let's take a look back shall we...

Round 1 - Dan Gadzuric

After an early exit last season, Gadzuric tops himself by being the first one voted off this year's Bucks Survivor challenge. Unfortunately, life won't imitate art in this scenario, as Grab and Reach probably isn't going anywhere for awhile. A huge contract and a huge lack of talent will keep him on the Bucks roster - think of him as their version of Bill Hall. Untradeable.

Round 2 - Damon Jones

He was this year's Jake Voshkul as he become the Bucks' biggest cheerleader, and was eventually called upon for action when the injuries started to pile up. His second stint with the Bucks wasn't as glorious as his first one was however, and he'll be looking for work this offseason.

Round 3 - Salim Stoudamire

A very late addition to the Bucks roster this season, Stoudamire kind of threw a wrench into the game, as he had no stats or numbers with the Bucks to really contribute to the early round challenges. I would be lying if I said I wasn't happy when he left the game, I also wouldn't be lying if I said I may have purposely tried to make it happen. With all that said, he should contribute nicely for Milwaukee next season.

Round 4 - Luke Ridnour

Few people were sad when Luke Ridnour was voted off the game, quite honestly. I have nothing against the guy, I just didn't think he really fit in to what the Bucks style of play should have been this season, and $6mil for this guy is a little too much. We'll need him though next year, especially because I'm beginning to think Ramon Sessions is going to be long gone.

Round 5 - Malik Allen

How he stayed around this long, I'll never know.

Round 6 - Franciso Elson

See Malik Allen. (It's an easy joke, I know, but it saved me like five minutes of writing!)

Round 7 - Keith Bogans

Keith Bogans constantly found himself towards the bottom of the standings, but was able to make it until round seven. Bogans did what he was asked to do for the Bucks in his short time here, and I wouldn't mind him being around next season. Sympathy points for Bogans for being forced to watch his former team, the Orlando Magic, put together an impressive run towards the NBA Finals. Ouch.

Round 8 - Charlie Bell, Joe Alexander

Joe Alexander was a target from the start of this game, but he escaped death like Houdini in a treasure chest (Too soon? Maybe not, but definitely too random.) Yeah, he's a project and everything, but he was useless this year, and I don't really see a long future for him in Bucks green and red. As for Chuck Bell, he actually had a pretty decent year, and he should be happy about how much more accepting people were of him this season than they were during last year's Bucks Survivor.

Round 9 - Michael Redd

Michael Redd was the sixth last Buck remaining, but in all seriousness, he should have probably lasted a bit longer. He's more useful than Villanueva for sure, but people have just had enough of Mikey Redd. I've been screaming for him to be traded for years now, but he actually played pretty well (even on defense) in the sort time he was on the floor this season.

Round 10 - Richard Jefferson

RJ lost by one vote to Skillanueva to fall just short of the Final Four. I think Jefferson has been a great addition to this team, as he was the only Buck to play in all 82 games this season. I still remember how thrilled I was when we traded for him, but the problem is this guy just costs too much money. Not moving him at the deadline means we'll probably be unable to keep either Sessions or Villanueva, maybe both.

Round 11 - Ramon Sessions, Charlie Villanueva

It was clear that Villanueva was the next man off, followed by Sessions. There are a lot of Sessions fans that read this site, but this game was destined to be a Mbah a Moute vs. Bogut finals from the start. No matter how many assists Sessions collects in April, it wasn't going to save him in this contest.

Runner-Up: Luc Richard Mbah a Moute

A legit candidate to win Bucks Survivor, Mbah a Moute should be a player in this contest for many years to come. Expect the Fresh Prince to play a big role in whatever success the Bucks have next year.

Champion: Andrew Bogut

Say what you want about the guy, but he is the franchise. Maybe he hasn't fully lived up to number one draft pick expectations, but the Bucks were lost down low without him. I look forward to having him back next season, and seeing what he can do with another roster of mediocre talent around him.

Thanks everyone for playing, and we'll see you next year (it'd be nice if we could start the contest a little later too next year, instead of after the final day of the regular season).


Anonymous said...

absolutely do not need ridnour. resign sessions and draft a pg

Gweedo said...

nice friday post. damn working 15 hours a week must be hard to do posts.

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