Monday, May 4, 2009

Late Inning Heroics Keep Streak Alive

Boy, it must be frustrating to be a Pirates fan right now. No matter what Pittsburgh does, or how good they play, they just can't be the Brewers. Not even a stud like Paul Maholm can save this team at this point, even though he was brilliant against the Brewers on Monday night. If your a Pirates fan, this blows, but if you're a Brewers fan, this streak is awesome.

Throughout the game, it just didn't look or feel like the Brewers would be able to extend their streak to 16 against Pittsburgh, again because of Pirates starter Paul Maholm. But once he left the game, the Brewers were able to find a little offense, albeit from an unlikely hero: Ryan Braun.

Because of an examination on his back that took place in Milwaukee earlier Monday afternoon, Braun wasn't even at the start of the game against the Pirates. But he made it to PNC Park just in time, pinch hitting for for Chris Duffy and taking over in left field in the 8th inning (Duffy was in for Bill Hall, who left in the 2nd inning after he had a hamstring cramp caused after a diving catch in the outfield). Anyway, with two outs and the bases loaded in the bottom of the 8th, Braun blooped a single into right field and brought in two runs to tie the game. It was pretty awesome.

With the game tied, DiFelice came in relief of Yovani Gallardo in the bottom of the 8th. Gallardo didn't pitch too terribly, going seven strong and allowed three earned, while striking out five. DiFelice gave up a run to give the lead back to the Pirates, and the Brewers were down 4-3 with just three outs to play with.

Now, when you have beaten a team 15 times in a row, there's got to be a little thing in the back of that teams head that second guesses whether they can actually beat you or not. Maybe that's what happened tonight, but either way Matt Capps collapsed and gave the Brewers yet another victory. First, Hardy hit a sac fly with the bases loaded and no outs to tie the game. Then, the very next batter, Rickie Weeks, knocked a three run shot over the fence to give the Brewers a 7-4 lead. Enter Trevor Hoffman, and this game is over.

These are the kind of games you win if you're going to make a run at anything, but I was quite surprised that the Brewers actually pulled it out. Not because I doubted they could do it, but because of how they did it. I knew Braun was available for the game, but I didn't actually think he would play. That turned out to be a brilliant move on Macha's part, as did inserting Weeks in the three hole once again. Macha is hitting on all cylinders right now, and it's been a couple of fun weeks watching the Brewers play the way they have been.

Especially against the Pirates.

The Crew will take on the Bucs again on Tuesday night, and then travel to Cincy for another two game set. Whether or not they'll get their streak to 17 remains to be seen, but at this point it appears like they might never lose to Pittsburgh (sorry in advance for the jinx).

SOS, I hear them shoutin'. SOS, I hear them cryin'.

Player of the Game: Thought hardly about giving it to Braun, but I'm going to give it to Weeks.


Bear said...

Dude, Kofi... awesome, and the quote is apt to the situation... well done my friend... well done.

Wade Bates said...

Announced crowd of 8000 last night...more like 3000 at PNC Park..the best stadium in MLB.

b2 said...

Im assuming youll write more about favre at some point and im looking forward to spamming the comments. in the meantime, if he signs with the vikings, can we please not retire his number ever, and even give it out to a punter or something this year? please?

Anonymous said...

Favre hasn't been good for a while.

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