Saturday, May 30, 2009

Why We're Going to Cleveland

I'm part of a group of guys that have made it a mission to go to one Packers away game every season, and so far it's been a blast. Two years ago, we rocked St. Louis, and then last year had a great time in Nashville. This year, it came down to Arizona or Cleveland for where we wanted to go, and after a vote we settled on Cleveland. And if these videos are any indication, we are going to have a great time...

I can't stop laughing from about eight of those lines, unreal. The guy who made this, Mike Polk, was recently noticed by the NBA on TNT crew, and put together a nice hastily made production for them as well. It beings at the 2:03 mark of this video, courtesy of Awful Announcing.

Classic stuff. Just goes to show you that all you need is one good idea, and the internet will give you eternal fame.

See you in Cleveland!


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