Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bucks Survivor: Round Seven

Results: This race was so close, that I'm almost thinking we should skip next week because we all know who is going to get kicked off (cough, cough, Joe Alexander). But for the time being, Alexander is safe, and instead it's Francisco Elson that is getting the boot from the second edition of Bucks Survivor. I think Elson is a great backup center for this Bucks team, but we're still at the point where you gotta trim the fat. And there is still a lot of fat on this team, so let's forge ahead and get rid of the rest of these useless vagabond basketball players. Here's the list:

Francisco Elson - 16 votes (36 percent)
Joe Alexander - 14
Michael Redd - 5
Charlie Bell - 4
Keith Bogans - 3
Charlie Villanueva - 1
Richard Jefferson - 1
Ramon Sessions - 0
Andrew Bogut - 0
Luc Richard Mbah a Moute - 0

This Week: We're kind of in the slow middle ground of Bucks Survivor. The first couple of weeks we had the fun of seeing who would be kicked off first, and we're still a ways from crowning the champion. Until then, let's keep getting rid of these guys for show, shall we?

Voting: You know how to do this by now. Here's what happened in the past.


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