Thursday, May 21, 2009

Can't Win 'Em All

Okay first off, let me just tell you that Tom Haudricourt is reporting the Brewers have made a trade of some kind, and although the details aren't specific, the trade doesn't appear to be a major one. Some people think it's for Jake Peavy, but TH is not one of them. Either way, I'm kind of mad about this because the only way TH knows that something is brewing (pardon the pun) is because of a post that was made on Gord Ash's Twitter. Seriously, is this what the world is coming to? How are we embracing the dumbest form of communication ever, and why hasn't it gone away yet. I will never conform to this crap, unless I was forced to do it for work or something. Even then, I'd put up a fight. I hate Twitter so much, typing it makes my fingers bleed.

Anyways, on to something less weird, let's talk about the Brewers on-field actions for a second. Their winning streak of seven came to an end on Wednesday night as they fell to the Astros 6-4. Houston found a way to collect some runs off of Yovani Gallardo early, and he ended up getting tagged for six runs. McClung and Julio then pitched three combined scoreless innings, but by then it was too late.

Up until the 9th inning, the only run the Crew could muster was a Mike Cameron home run in the 4th inning. Cameron has been kind of quiet lately, so it's good to see him back in the mix. The Brewers tried to put a rally together in the 9th, with a 2 RBI pinch-hit double from Mat Gamel and another RBI from Corey Hart, but it wasn't enough, and the streak was broken. Even though he appeared only as a pinch-hitter, I'm giving Gamel the Player of the Game. He made the most impact in this one, and if the Brewers would have won, it would have been because of his rally starter. It's nice to have that kind of weapon off the bench for situations like that, isn't it?

Finally, if there is one site you go to today (besides this one), I want you to check out Miller Park Drunk. They do these things called Brewers Flow Charts, and I don't know where they came up with the idea, but they are hilarious.

More on the trade when we hear something, unless it turns out that Gord Ash's Twitter is really run by some 19 year-old college kid. God I hate that site.


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Man, the pictures have been big lately.

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