Thursday, May 7, 2009

This Guy Beat Us

It wasn't quite as impressive of Yovani Gallardo's performance against the Pirates a few weeks ago, but it was still a pretty decent showing from Reds pitcher Micah Owings tonight. Owings wasn't perfect from the mound, giving up four earned runs over six innings, but it was one play with the bat that was the difference in the Reds 6-5 win over Milwaukee. Owings had a huge RBI triple in the 4th inning, and then scored on a wild pitch, causing Micah Owings fantasy owners everywhere to wonder why a pitchers offensive stats don't count toward their batting categories.

You kind of had to figure that after the Brewers 15-3 win on Wednesday night, the Reds were going to come back and take this one from Milwaukee. They gave a decent effort, as five runs is usually good enough for George Webb, but Braden Looper just didn't have his best stuff on Thursday, only lasting 3 1/3 innings, giving up five runs. Please don't start sucking now that the Brewers are good again, Braden. 

That's something positive thought to take away from the last couple of weeks. The Brewers are, in fact, good again. I feel bad and kind of embarrassed for panicking the way I did early in the season. The Brewers are just three games back of first place, and basically in the same spot they were in a year ago at this time. For the first week of May, I'll take that for sure.

And now, since my recap wasn't anywhere as good as Bear's was last night, enjoy Crowded House (ps - why are so many Crowed House videos disabled from embedding?)

Player of the Game: Prince - 3 for 3 with 2 RBI works for me tonight.


Bear said...

Ha, i had no idea crowded house did this song.... Funny... 1 week ago i didnt even know who crowded house was.

Bear said...

Winks, I just realized this is the song that some guy absolutely rocked out doing Kareoke that one night at Bar Louie. HA, i remember saying... who sings that song, then doing $30 shots of the 'Minze

Winks said...

It's also covered by Six Pence None the Richer.

And I think it's safe to say that Crowded House is the front runner for official band of The Bucky Channel, wouldn't you?

Jonk said...

I am a big Crowded House fan. I have karaoke'd this song, too.

b2 said...

i still cant get over that something so strong video. hilarious.

i didnt even realize that was a bear post, by the way. good stuff.

DrinkDaily said...

Anonymous said...

Fred Pierre, I knew this was crowded house and you didn't - what has the world come to... (Winks I only know b/c of pandora.)

No one cares about Ownings b/c the guy is a terrible pitcher and shouldn't be owned in fantasy by the way.

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