Sunday, May 31, 2009

Milwaukee Completes the Sweep

We all remember what happened on Derrick Turnbow bobblehead day a few years back, and we didn't need to see Trevor Hoffman implode in a similar fashion on Sunday afternoon. Although Hoffman came into the game with a three run lead, things got a little scary as Hoffman allowed his first walk of the season. His first walk of the season, and it's May 31st. That's pretty impressive. Either way, a baserunner was allowed to get to third base, and Miller Park was wondering if he might see the first Trevor Hoffman blown save of the season.

Nah, just kidding. We knew he'd get the save. The difference between Derrick Turnbow and Trevor Hoffman is vast, and Hoffman was able to shut down the Reds and help the Crew earn the series sweep. It was a good series by the Crew, as their bats came alive, the starters did enough to win, and the bullpen was as good as ever.

This game's starter was none other than Yovani Gallardo, who cruised through the first two innings by striking out six batters. He ended up giving up a couple of runs in the next few innings, and a high pitch count knocked him out of the game in the 6th inning, although he did finish with 9 K's.

In relief of Gallardo would first be Mitch Stetter, followed by Mark DeFelice, and then the aforementioned Hoffman. The bullpen was lights out again, once again not allowing any runs to the opposing team. Another great effort by a bullpen that has elevated it's play since the debut of Trevor Hoffman.

Only needing two runs to knock off the Reds, the Brewers offense didn't have a problem doing so. Cameron and Gamel notched an RBI a piece in the 1st inning, while Hardy added another one in the 2nd. Cameron came back in the 3rd with a two-run shot, homering for Milwaukee in back-to-back games. The Crew sweep the Reds to improve to 30-20, officially the fastest this team has ever won 30 games.

As for a Player of the Game, I'd like to just give it to the bullpen as a whole, but that's not how this works. Hoffman could be a deserving candidate as more of a cumulative thing, but I'm going to go offense and give it to Mike Cameron. He did have an error on the game, but that should have been attributed to Braun and his learning curve in left field. Cameron gets the nod.

Next up for the Crew, a trip down to Florida and Atlanta, starting with the Marlins on Monday night at 6:05pm.


Bear said...

Ha, your comment reminds me of Burn Notice. If you got that from Burn Notice, kudos.

Anonymous said...

So Brandon Phillips thinks the Reds are still the better team, which I find hilarious.

Then I decided to search the game message board at ESPN & some Reds fan strongly feels that Joey Votto is as good as Albert Pujols! Man I nearly pi$$ed my pants. Maybe he meant Votto has the potential to become that good, but even that is bull.

Winks said...

God, the NL Central is so lame. Cardinals complain about jerseys, Reds bitch about bandaids and think they are better than us, the Pirates are hilariously bad, the Astros play in joke, and the Cubs are the Cubs.

At least we are awesome!

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