Thursday, May 21, 2009

Brewers Trade Gwynn For Jody Gerut

That's the report. Sort of anti-climatic, but whatever. Tony Gwynn Jr. was never going to find big league success with the Brewers, and I still contest that he'll never hit a major league home run. You think the Brewers would have kept Gwynn as trade bait for if they ever went after Jake Peavy, but I guess not. Jody Gerut is better than Gwynn, but he's not doing that great this season, only hitting .223.

Honestly, I like the trade, but I don't really see the point. I guess this means Duffy is getting sent back down to Nashville. Also, Frank Catalanotto should be ready to go within in a week, so that would be another move (Iribarren?) What I gather from this trade is that Doug Melvin must have been very unhappy with the pinch hitting at the beginning of this season, and wasn't going to stand for it. Can't argue with that.


Jonk said...

I'm hearing complaints from friends that the Brewers should've gotten more for Gwynn than Jody Gerut.

Why is everybody so insane when it comes to Gwynn? He has never been very good. They should've traded him a couple years ago when they had a chance, and they are very lucky to get Jody Gerut now.

Consider that before the season started, Gwynn cleared waivers when all 29 teams passed on him for nothing.

Gerut isn't a star but he will be a big upgrade over Chris Duffy.

Small sample sizes, but Gerut's splits this year:
Home: 60 PA, .130/.167/.167
Away: 60 PA, .310/.333/.586

Last year, he put together a nice year overall, slugging .494 with an .351 on-base clip. His home/road splits then:
Home: 188 PA, .295/.340/.449
Away: 168 PA, .296/.363/.546

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