Saturday, May 16, 2009

Stop Making Me Like You, Jeff Suppan!

Look Jeff, I know you're a great person and you give a ton of money to charity, but I have still stuck to the notion that you are my least favorite Brewer. That statement is only true because of how bad you've pitched for the money you're making, money I feel could be used towards bringing in more capable bodies (and honestly has nothing to do with the time you made fun of me for how sunburn I was... God do I miss the player access I once had, single tear). 

But then I watch the game against your former Cardinals on Saturday, and see you just pound the strike zone and ending with a line of 7 IP, 6 H, 0 ER, and 2 K. That's a quality line, Jeff, something I only dreamed you were still capable of. Actually, you've pitched pretty well lately, and your turnaround is a key reason why the Brewers are first place in the NL Central right now. Keep this up, and I'm buying a Jeff Suppan jersey by the All-Star break.

Even though Suppan and the Brewers allowed a total of just six hits, the Brewers offense was able to only muster up two hits themselves. But because of a Corey Hart home run in the 2nd inning, Adam Wainwright's best outing of the season was tainted with a loss, and the Brewers escaped the official game one of this series with a 1-0 victory. Trevor Hoffman earned his 9th save of the season, but did have a brief scare when Yadier Molina took one to the warning track, but our beloved hero Corey Hart was there, crisis averted.

The best part of this game? This:

I still can't believe how much it bugs St. Louis when the Brewers untuck their shirts after a victory. The Cardinals think it's in poor sportsmanship, but if that's the case they've apparently never seen the show Albert Pujols puts on when he hits a home run. This is something the Brewers do because it's a way for Mike Cameron to honor his father! Cameron has been doing this throughout his career, and it speaks volumes about how tight this team is that they would adopt Cam's honor and take part in it together. I can't believe how sensitive the Cardinals are, I really can't. 

The hilarious part in all this is that they hate the Brewers a hell of a lot more than we hate them. For both us and the Cardinals, the number one rival is the Cubs, no question. But after that, St. Louis doesn't like us. No, they hate us. No, they loathe us (that was a very random WWE reference, my apologies). Personally, I hate the Astros and probably the Reds a lot more than I worry about the Cardinals. The imbalance could also be due to the fact that we've had their number for the most part lately as well. Kind of like how the Pirates hate us, when we don't even really give them a second thought.

The Cards have to be pretty bitter about the loss, especially after their 2-0 lead before yesterday's cancellation was wiped clean from the record books. Too bad, so sad. The Cards will have a chance at redemption on Sunday at 1:15pm, and again during the makeup game at 7:15pm on Monday night, a game which will be televised on FSN Wisconsin. Despite rumblings that Gallardo could come back to pitch that one, it will be another former Cardinal in Braden Looper on the hill that night.

Player of the Game: Can I really do this? What the hell, he deserved it. Jeff Suppan!


Bear said...

ahha, this post is just full of inside jokes. The boxscore quote... classic.

b2 said...

score: cardinals 2, brewers 1
wins: brewers 1, cardinals 0

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