Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cardinals Get Their Revenge

I don't think Adam Wainwright intentionally threw at Ryan Braun's wrist, but with the Cardinals, I guess you never know. The Brewers already had a few runners on base when Braun got plunked, so it would have been stupid for them to throw at him on purpose. However, maybe Tony LaVodka (just heard that name today, and I'm sticking with it) is playing for the long haul, and told Wainwright to hit the Brewer they hate the most to knock him out for awhile (he was replaced in this one by Frank Catalanotto). Again, I don't think he was hit on purpose, but with the way St. Louis is whining about the Crew lately, you never know. 

As poorly as the Brewers played on Wednesday night, you have to give the Cardinals all the credit for their victory. They used the longball to take the Crew out of the game early, going deep a total of four times. One of the guys that went deep was the aforementioned Adam Wainwright. Now we've all grown used to Jeff Suppan and his giving up of solo shots, but to the pitcher? Come on, Jeff. That lead to an early outing for Soup's Troops, as he only went 3 2/3 innings, giving up five runs off of seven hits.

Wainwright was just as good on the mound for the birds, as he and the bullpen allowed just one run to Milwaukee, which was a Prince Fielder groundout RBI. For that, I might give Fielder the Player of the Game, as their really just isn't anyone deserving of the nod in this 8-1 loss to St. Louis. After further review, I'm going to give it to Craig Counsell. He was the one that scored the run, and he went 2-for-4 while leaving zero men on base. I guess that's legit, right?

As for Braun, we're still awaiting to see how serious the injury is, but we do know it's a contusion on his right wrist. Any injury more than a couple of days would be a massive blow, since we're probably without Hardy for the rest of the week, and of course the burden that is the Weeks injury.

The Crew and Cards will be back in action tomorrow with a day game set for 12:05pm. The game won't be televised, so make sure you pull up your MLB GameCast tab at work.


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