Monday, May 4, 2009

The Bucky Channel's First Swine Flu Reference

I've refrained from commenting on this year's verison of SARS because 1) I think swine flu is the most overblown media disease in history and 2) I'm sick of seeing someone update their Facebook status with "Feelin' sick..." only to have three to four people reply "Swine Flu!" However, once I saw this on the Sports Bubbler's Daily Drink today, I couldn't resist from passing it to you.

Is that insane or what? I was under the impression that swine flu had never been seen before, I had no idea it was already a thing back during the days of the Dharma Initiative (Lost reference!) Hell, even Gerald Ford got a swine flu shot back in the day.

The real question now becomes when are the current Packers going to remake that commercial, and who do you want to see in it? Personally, I'm hoping for an A.J. Hawk and Clay Matthews ad. I guess you could throw Nick Collins in there too, just so we can all hear him talk.


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