Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gamel Gets in on the Party As Crew Sweeps Cards

Well that didn't take long. In his first major league league start, Mat Gamel made quite the entrance by jacking a three run shot in the 3rd inning against the Cardinals on Monday night. His bomb was part of an eight run output by the Crew, who backed by the pitching of Braden Looper went on to beat the Cards 8-4, sweeping them in St. Louis for the first time since 2003. The Crew have now won six straight, and look awesome. Here's some quick hits before I treat myself to a birthday round of golf (and take the rest of the day off from blogging, understandably).

* Congrats to Jason Kendall, who collected his 2000th hit last night.
* How good are the Brewers? Number three in the CBS power rankings good.
* Casey McGehee gets the start tonight at second against Houston.
* Hernan Iribarren takes Weeks spot on the roster, but will mostly pinch hit for the time being.
* Brad Nelson signs with the Mariners
* This kid is a douche, and the reason why YouTube can really suck sometimes:

I thank God everynight YouTube wasn't around when I was a kid, who knows what kind of crap I would have uploaded. See you tomorrow!

Player of the Gamel: See what I did there?


Jonk said...

Why is Kirby the kid whispering? Does he not want his mother to know that it's the fourth inning and he's still awake?

Anonymous said...

happy birthday winks!

??????? said...

I think the kid is great! That's exactly what I would have been like if youtube & whatnot had been around in 1990. Plus the line about Gamel "... the kid could be a hall of famer someday" or whatever... hilarious! Maybe this kid will be a sports analyst someday. He's not a douche, just a major baseball nerd like us.

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