Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Joe Alexander Wins Lancers Survivor

Joe Alexander is escaping elimination in Bucks Survivor almost like how Habib Marwan continually escaped capture in season 4 of 24, but it looks like his time is running out. Especially with this week being a double elimination round, a move by me that was half planned in advance, half designed to finally get this guy out of the game. (Although as of this posting, he's safe if the contest ended today!)

But, should he be eliminated this week, at least some good happened to him recently as well. His number 20 jersey was retired by the Linganore Lancers of York, Pa. on Monday. You can read the article here, it's the classic small-town boy grows up to make his small town proud, and then kids of that town realize that anything is possible type of story, which is always nice. The only flaw in the article isn't the fault of the writer, it's just the fact that all the kids of York think Joe Alexander is actually good.

I don't hate Alexander, I just think he was the wrong pick at the wrong time by John Hammond this season, and his first year returns were not favorable. Hopefully he steps it up to be one of the cornerstones of the Bucks franchise, but I think being a trade chip that helps us get rid of one of our big contracts is more his fate than being an All-Star in Milwaukee is.

Also, since I've already brought up 24, I was not pleased with Monday's episode. I won't spoil it for those that haven't watched it, but been there, done that. 

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b2 said...

man if he dodges again...

by the way i just wanted to point out that it cant say too much about hammond when all but one of the guys voted off have been brought in by him (danny g being the exception).

i like hammond but man, some shitty vets up in here.

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