Monday, May 11, 2009

So That's Where Gary Glover Went!

Last weekend I embarked on a road trip with a few of my buddies, and one of the games we play to pass the time is something we refer to as the Initial Game. It's pretty simple. We take turns trying to name players who have first and last names that start with the same letters. For this car ride, we chose to think of active baseball players, and Gary Glover was one of the names that came up.

When his name was brought up, it was not accepted as a correct answer, because we didn't all agree that he was still in the league or in Triple-A (the requirements of our game). We were however, incorrect, as it turns out Gary Glover has been with the Nationals Triple-A affiliate in Syracuse all this time. Well, not anymore, as the former Brewers hurler has been released by the Nationals organization (I link to the article, because the first reader comment is hilarious).

I always liked Gary Glover as a person, but he just wasn't that good of a pitcher. I dubbed him and Wes Obermueller as Oberglover, because the two guys were so interchangeably bad as the Brewers 5th starter a few years back that it didn't matter which one you put out there, they were usually going to let you down. Still, it's always hard to see a former Brewer struggle, especially in a week where Tony Graffanino was also DFA'd.

Coincidentally, the person Glover was cut for was Mike MacDougal, someone we did not think of in the Initial Game.


Unknown said...

How did we forget Mike McDougal?? Also forgot Brian Bixler.

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