Monday, May 4, 2009

Bucks Survivor: Round Six

Results: When I wrote last week's Bucks Survivor, I knew I had made a mistake but I couldn't figure out where. Well, after re-reading it I realized I forgot to add Malik Allen to the stats. If I would have factored him in, Team Storey would have lost anyways, but the fact that I completely forgot about him even after I knew I forgot about someone just shows why he needed to be kicked off this week. The results:

Malik Allen - 18 votes (50 percent)
Francisco Elson - 8
Keith Bogans - 8
Richard Jefferson - 2

This Week: The fact of the matter is, Team Storey is brutal. I'm trying to come up with contests where they will win and take a week off, but I can't. The stats of Team Awvee, the young guys, are just all around better, and unless I do something like playoff appearances or years of service, someone from Team Storey is going home. So we're combining the teams two weeks early, taking my influence out of the contest, and leaving the rest of the votes up to you. It's what Awvee Storey would have wanted. 

What this also means is that nobody gets immunity anymore, and everyone is fair game. This will surely make things a bit more interesting, and well as calm the uproars that I'm trying to "save" Redd (I'm not, I vote for him every week). This is just one of the many twists and turns we'll have as Bucks Survivor continues.

Voting: You can vote for Bucks Survivor on the top right of my blog. With ten guys on the board this week, you can't miss it. However, if you did miss any previous editions, here's the archives.


Tony Brown said...

No immunity necklace?

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