Friday, May 15, 2009

Farewell, Brad Nelson

Well, Brad Nelson won't have too much time to continue his hitless streak for the Nashville Sounds, because he's not going to be reporting to Triple-A after all. That's right folks, Brad Nelson's days in the Brewers organization are over, and he's going to be heading to free agency (thanks to Walsh for the tip, although not sure what he's doing on the phone at 4:30am).

According to the Sports Bubbler, there are at least four teams interested in the services of Brad Nelson, and a decision should be made later today. The speculation is that he'll end up on the West Coast, and I think with Jack Z running the show in Seattle, that would be a natural fit. 

It's unfortunate that Nelson couldn't turn his Spring Training success into success in the big leagues this season, but we wish him well wherever he lands. Despite his inability to but a bat on the ball, Nelson was well liked by many Brewers fans, and we were all rooting for him. Good luck on your second chance, Brad.


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