Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Eric Gagne and His Comeback Attempt

I've openly rooted for Eric Gagne's success throughout his post-Cy Young collapse, especially when he was a member of the Milwaukee Brewers last season. I applauded the signing of him to the club this season, and was disappointed when a shoulder injury kept him from making the 25-man roster. It's highly doubtful Gagne ever will pitch in a Milwaukee Brewers uniform again, but it does appear he's yet to given up on playing baseball.

The team lucky enough to sign this former saves leader? How about none other than the Quebec Capitales. The Capitales play in something called the Can-Am league. It's an independent baseball league that plays games in the northeast U.S. and well as Canada. Gagne won't be ready to go for awhile, but has said he'd rather play in this league then try to rebound somewhere in the depths of the farm system. As always, we wish him the best.

Also, our old friend Gary Glover has signed a minor-league deal with the Marlins, so it looks like things are really looking up for some of our favorite former Brewers!


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