Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday Night Fish Fry

Tonight was just all around awesome. Not only did the Crew get an 8-6 victory, but the game was a joy ride the whole way through. Also the Brewers claimed a share of first place in the NL central due to the Cardinal loss. Add in the fact that there were some great shots of the lightning around the ballpark and because of the roof there was no rain delay... just a great night. The whole storm factor probably pumped me up more because of the fact I graduated with a degree in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences and I have a weird obsession with severe weather but I digress.

In case you missed the game or you are just looking for a recap here is a little run down of things that occured tonight:

1.) Trevor time again in Brewville as Hoffman came in for the 3 out save, which now gives him 7 on the year.

2.) Rickie Weeks hit another lead-off, first pitch homerun tonight to get him 9 homers on the season and 13 career leadoff out Paulie, he's coming for ya. Weeks gets player of the game.

3.) Speaking of Weeks he went 3-5 with a triple, homer and a single, while scoring 3 runs and driving in 2.

4.) Braden Looper was a little bit shell-shocked tonight giving up 5 runs in 6 innings but striking out 6, he would still earn the victory.

5.) The Crew scored a run an inning until the 4th in which they batted around and knocked in 5 runs, all with 2-outs, cannot remember the last time I've seen the Brewers do that. Looper clutched up with a 'looping' single to shallow right field during that sequence.

6.) Stop having a boring tuna, stop having a boring life...

7.) The Brewers, at 20-14 are now a top the NL central tied with the St. Louis Cardinals, we will see them for a Friday-Sunday swing. The Reds currently sit at 19-14 and the Cubs are at 18-14 and both were still in there games and leading. It a tight one folks.

8.) A homerun by Marlins pinch hitter Ross Gload was called back tonight, using instant replay. The shot went down the right field line just to the right of the foul pole. Oddly enough, it was not the only homer called back tonight, Adam LaRoache of the Pirates also had a homer called back due to instant replay.

9.) J.J. Hardy left the game in the 6th inning due to a headache. He did look to be having some visual problems pointing at his eyes to Macha right after being taken out.

10.) No new news on Mat Gamel. I think its a good move if he is brought up. He has nothing left to prove with his bat in the minors. Bringing up to DH gives him major league hitting experience and helps the Crew in the process. Plus I have a feeling he'll be shuffled back down to the minors once the road interleague games subside. I don't think the 20-30 games he gets in the majors will be that detrimental to his fielding adventure either. I would assume Nelson would get sent down with Corporan if Rivera is activated as well.

11.) The Brewers play a day game tomorrow with Dave Bush getting start against Marlins stud pitcher Josh Johnson, its a noon tilt.

12.) Enjoy tonight's subtle theme.

13.) AP photo by Morry Gash


b2 said...

bear is on a quality recap hot streak. first something so strong now rap chop? keep it coming!

b2 said...

also wanted to note the spanish version of slap chop

Anonymous said...

way to pick up gamel you homo

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