Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cubs Take the Finale on Mother's Day

Mother's Day - A time to spend some time and honor your mother, while relaxing with the family. Also, a day to watch the Brewers take the field with the pink bats and try to recreate the magic Bill Hall provided on Mother's Day in 2006. Today however, that magic was not provided, as the Cubs took the series finale from the Brewers 4-2, and prevented being swept at Miller Park.

Fans were thinking sweep right away when Rickie Weeks delivered with a lead-off home run, and then when Jason Kendall somehow tripled in the 2nd inning, which also scored a run. But the Jeff Suppan collapse train was in full effect in the 3rd inning, when he gave up five straight hits and then allowed a runner to score on a wild pitch, giving the Cubs the 4-2 lead which also concluded the scoring for the day.

The Crew's best chance for more runs came in the 8th inning, when Bill Hall came up to bat with two on and two outs. With pink bat in hand, you knew the guy was looking for a three run shot, a point that was made clear when he took a few of his standard Bill Hall hacks. A single would have scored two runs, but Bill Hall doesn't play for singles, especially on Mother's Day. While the magic didn't return, Hall did walk and the bases were loaded for Jason Kendall. Lightning didn't strike twice for our ironman catcher though on Sunday, and the Cubs got out of the inning, and eventually out of Milwaukee with a win.

Speaking of the Cubs, when the hell did they get Ryan Freel? Apparently he was traded for Joey Gathright the other day, and somehow I completely missed this. I've always hated Ryan Freel, mainly because he's a Brewer Killer, so his arrival to the Cubs is actually pretty fitting. Ryan Freel is one of those guys that are drafted in fantasy leagues just for steals, and there is nothing more I hate than guys that are drafted because of steals. Willy Taveras, Chone Figgins, not only do I not draft them, but I actually feel sincere hate for them. It's stupid probably, but either way, I just don't like Ryan Freel. Just thought I'd get that point across for you.

The Brewers have Monday off now, which is their first time to rest in 20 rest, and it's well deserved. The Brewers have been playing good ball lately, currently at a 18-14 record and 2nd in the NL Central. Next up, they'll host a three game set against the Marlins starting Tuesday, followed by a road trip to St. Louis, back to Houston, and then they'll start interleague play with their annual May series against the Twins, in Minnesota. Their Sunday night game against the Twins is on ESPN, so keep that in mind.

Player of the Game: Weeks had a home run, he could be a candidate. Could give a make up one to Braun for last night, but that'd be stupid. Kendall had an RBI, but couldn't come through in the 8th. Hall was the only Brewer with multiple hits, but he didn't cash in either. What the hell, let's give it to Mark DiFelice. He pitched a scoreless 8th and 9th, and only gave up one hit, which would have been huge if the offense could have delivered. Plus, he's been pitching well lately. Happy Mother's Day, Mark DiFelice's mom!


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